zero trust

  • Adopting a zero trust cyber model in government

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, says agencies need to shift in a post-OPM data breach world to a new cybersecurity model.

  • Zero Trust: Content delivery network and cybersecurity

    Rob SanMartin, sales director for Akamai, said that in today’s environment, the speed at which attacks take place is unprecedented.

  • Zero Trust: Securing the new perimeter

    Patrick Sullivan, global director of security strategy at Akamai Technologies, believes this approach can leave networks vulnerable.

  • Zero Trust: IoT, machine-to-machine communication and network security

    Akamai Technologies is positioned to assist in managing the cybersecurity of these devices. This is because it has a network around the world that is comprised of 250,000 servers in over 2,700 locations. This gives them the first filter when devices seek to communicate over the Internet.

    David Yoon, senior director of Akamai’s public sector, discussed this recently with Federal News Radio at the Akamai Government Forum in Washington, D.C.