You, teleworker, are HOT for 2011!

Welcome to the revolution.

In looking at “Six Hot Workplace Trends for 2011, notes going mobile is one of the “technology-centered work trends for the coming year that every company and employee needs to know about.”

That mobility, said CIO, goes in both directions: more hiring is being done online of more workers who are willing and want to work unleashed from a desktop and they’re better equipped to serve the needs and wants of mobile customers.

It makes an intuitive sort of sense that if you’re comfortable with the mobile technology needed to complete your agency’s mission, you’ll be better equipped to serve a more mobile American public.

In the near future, private sector “companies will be more social networking-minded when selling and marketing their products, utilizing the digital word-of-mouth aspect of Facebook, Twitter and Groupon.” The profit-driven private sector wouldn’t make those kinds of moves if there wasn’t a demand for it in the market, and it’s exactly that same market that the public sector serves.

So as telework grows across the federal government, agencies and federal employees will grow better positioned to meet the demands of taxpayers.

The benefits of being part of an effective teleworkforce are growing well beyond not having to commute in bad weather.

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