These are the big drivers of waste in defense modernization

The 2017 Pentagon budget request looks a lot like the 2016 one, maybe a little more so. The well-known and costly platforms are all in there, from the F-35 to modernizing the nuclear arsenal. Charles Tiefer, former House general counsel and now a law processor at the University of Baltimore, has been watching these matters for decades. He tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin on Pentagon Solutions with what he thinks are some of the big drivers of waste.

 Nothing quite says America is here, than the profile of an aircraft carrier. But technologies under development around the world threaten to render carriers into sitting ducks. China, Russia and Iran are all working on so-called anti-access and area-denial capabilities and missile systems aimed at neutralizing U.S. carriers. That’s according to a new study by the Center for a New American Security. Principal author Kelley Sayler offers some insight.