January’s TSP continues on hot streak with all-positive returns

The Thrift Savings Plan began 2017 on a strong note, posting across-the-board positive returns and continued its momentum from the end of 2016.

The TSP posted a mixed bag of results in January, with some funds posting slightly higher or lower numbers compared to the previous month’s figures.

The small-cap stocks S Fund, which had the best performance of 2016, continues to have the highest 12-month return at 30.22 percent. It posted 2.16 percent, up from 1.81 percent in December.

The international stock-index I fund, posted the highest monthly return in January at 2.89 percent. However, that’s still down from the 3.44 percent it posted in December.


The C Fund, which invests in the S&P 500 Index, posted 1.90 percent this month. It has risen to 20.09 for the last 12 months.

The low-risk, low-reward G fund remained unchanged at 0.20 percent the lowest yearly return of all the TSP funds. The F fund, a fixed-income index investment fund, performed slightly better than the G fund, posting 0.23 percent in January.

The L Income fund ended January at 0.61 percent, while the rest of the lifecycle funds posted even higher results.

Thrift Savings Plan — January 2017 Returns
Fund January Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G Fund 0.20% 0.20% 1.83%
F Fund 0.23% 0.23% 1.64%
C Fund 1.90% 1.90% 20.09%
S Fund 2.16% 2.16% 30.22%
I Fund 2.89% 2.89% 11.31%
L Income 0.61% 0.61% 5.17%
L 2020 1.04% 1.04% 9.36%
L 2030 1.48% 1.48% 12.69%
L 2040 1.70% 1.70% 14.57%
L 2050 1.91% 1.91% 16.38%

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