Mileage reimbursement rates for personal vehicles remains unchanged

Vehicle reimbursement rates

Mode of transportation Rate per mile
If privately owned automobile is authorized or if a government-owned automobile is unavailable $0.51
If government-owned automobile is available $0.19
Motorcycle $0.48
Airplane $1.29

Federal employees who use their own vehicles for official business will see no change in mileage reimbursement rates this year, according to a bulletin from the General Services Administration published in the Federal Register.

An annual review of privately owned vehicle — or POV — mileage reimbursement rates by GSA’s Office of Governmentwide Policy indicated rates will remain the same, effective at the beginning of the year.

However, according to a notice on the GSA website, the agency “will continue to monitor the fuel costs and will adjust these rates if warranted.”

The GSA rates determine how much employees are reimbursed, based upon the type of vehicle and the availability of government-owned vehicles.

For example, federal employees who use their own vehicle when no government option is available are reimbursed at $0.51 per mile. If a government-owned vehicle is available, but an employee uses his or her own automobile, the reimbursement rate is 19 cents a mile.

The Internal Revenue Service’s standard mileage deduction for business, at 55 cents, also remains unchanged for 2012.


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