DorobekInsider: Most read items for second week of August 2009

The most read items on the and Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris for the second week in Augu...

The most read items on the and Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris for the second week in August 2009…

First, from the DorobekInsider

  1. DorobekInsider: What’s behind the cyber-czar Hathaway resignation? And why is this post so dificult to fill
  2. DorobekInsider: Robertson to be named to head GSA’s OGP and CAO
  3. DorobekInsider: More GSA changes — Leeds as senior counselor and Peck returning at PBS
  4. DorobekInsider: DHS director of the National Cybersecurity Center resigns
  5. DorobekInsider: 24-hour deal – get Federal News Radio Book Club book Fired Up or Burned Out — for free
  6. DorobekInsider: Most read items for the first week of August
  7. DorobekInsider: GSA names a OGP-CAO leader — and then merges the organizations
  8. DorobekInsider: It’s my birthday, but… you get the gifts
  9. DorobekInsider: CGI Federal scores a coup hiring former EPA CIO Molly O’Neill
  10. DorobekInsider: 1105 GovInfo names government IT vet Weiss as group publisher
  11. DorobekInsider: Intel on the government 2.0 front lines – and a new report assessing A-Space
  12. The DorobekInsider reader: Obama cyber policy review
  13. DorobekInsider: Ed DeSeve to join the Obama administration
  14. DorobekInsider: The UK government encourages tweeting — and issues Twitter guidance
  15. DorobekInsider: GSA and the Recovery Board release the redacted contract
  16. DorobekInsider on DC’s NewsChannel 8 tonight talking the Intellipedia and A-Space — the
  17. DorobekInsider: A summer Friday extra – my favorite birthday gift
  18. DorobekInsider: More details on Pat Knapp, mother of Qwest’s Deirdre Murray
  19. DorobekInsider: Hear the Federal News Radio Book Club — Payback featuring CTO Chopra
  20. DorobekInsider: The real story behind the contract: The need for govt contracting trans
  21. DorobekInsider: 1105 Media cuts pay 20 percent — temporarily
  22. DorobekInsider: Dee Lee to join the Professional Services Council
  23. DorobekInsider: 45 VA programs under temporary stop order pending fixes
  24. DorobekInsider: contractor Smartronix speaks — in a statement
  25. DorobekInsider: Most read DorobekInsider and Daily Debrief items for the month of July 2009
  26. DorobekInsider: Learning more about Transportation Department CIO Nitin Pradham
  27. DorobekInsider: Federal News Radio goes to the Nationals game
  28. DorobekInsider: The USDA CIO to go to a career person – Chris Smith
  29. DorobekInsider: GSA names Danielle Germain as chief of staff
  30. DorobekInsider: Godspeed to Pat Knapp, mother of Qwest’s Deirdre Murray
  31. DorobekInsider: Identity management — the liner notes
  32. DorobekInsider: 2009 Federal 100 Award: Big awards to Molly O’Neill, Brad Boston

And the most read items from Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris

  1. TSP changes and automatic enrollment updates
  2. Navy CIO: Cyber czar needed soon
  3. OMG txtng srsly taking off
  4. What next, if not Networx? Word from GSA’s conference
  5. Mike Causey reports from annual FDR conference
  6. TSP Talk: Tobacco Bill signed into law
  7. FAI releases 2008 Workforce Competency Survey results
  8. The possibilities of cloud computing in the federal government
  9. Erroneous reporting: Marines did not ban social networking
  10. Are all Web 2.0 tools created equal?
  11. TSA’s Secure Flight changes ready for take off
  12. OPM issues new hiring policies for military spouses
  13. Update: NSPS recommendations
  14. Why you might want to be wary of cloud computing
  15. Survey of U.S. counties could apply to federal gov’t too
  16. White House looks to revise cookie policy
  17. Strengthening the federal acquisition workforce, Part 2
  18. GAO examines process concerning EEO complaints
  19. GSA’s Casey Coleman moves into the cloud
  20. Talking transparency at the FDA
  21. Cybersecurity challenges
  22. Health care reform debate goes viral
  23. Federal Dispute Resolution conference wraps up
  24. Does the White House need a cyber czar?
  25. USPTO gets new director
  26. GPO issues RFI for digital printers
  27. DOT looks at why plane was on tarmac for 7 hours
  28. NIST releases final cybersecurity recommendations
  29. Friday Fun Day!
  30. Cloud computing at your agency could save time, money
  31. Groups want public opinion about federal transparency
  32. DISA, GSA team up to provide satellite services
  33. The 2009 Roosevelt Scholars Act
  34. Preview: GAO on Ask the CIO
  35. TSP Talk: Where is the market going?
  36. Defense Business Board releases NSPS recommendations
  37. Bullish? What August might hold for your TSP account
  38. GSA issues RFQ for cloud computing services
  39. Analysis: Melissa Hathaway resigns
  40. Monday Afternoon Newsstand
  41. USPS tries to deliver services amidst losses
  42. How do you feel about the Recovery Act?
  43. U.S. Army, NIMH team up to stop military suicides
  44. IC takes the Web 2.0 plunge, tests A-Space
  45. NIH and Wikimedia Foundation team up – Part 2
  46. Drupal and the ‘Decade of Data’
  47. Congress looks at the federal acquisition workforce
  48. DoD’s health IT strategy
  49. AFGE speaks out against NSPS

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