DorobekInsider: What you read for the first week of November 2009 on DorobekInsider, the Daily Debrief, and…

Here are the items you read for the November 1-7, 2009… on… DorobekInsider: I’m back from a bout with the flu… and g...

Here are the items you read for the November 1-7, 2009…


  1. DorobekInsider: I’m back from a bout with the flu… and government flu resources
  2. DorobekInsider: UPDATE – Grams to join VA as principal deputy assistant secretary for manageme
  3. DorobekInsider EXCLUSIVE: USDA undertakes extensive management reorg – downgrading the CIO, CF
  4. DorobekInsider: USDA officials offer more details on management reorganization
  5. DorobekInsider: Winners of the 7th Annual Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards
  6. DorobekInsider: GovExec exec Matt Dunie exits… and media notes
  7. DorobekInsider: What you read in October 2009 on DorobekInsider, the Daily Debrief, and
  8. DorobekInsider: UPDATED – Grams to join VA as principal deputy assistant secretary for management
  9. DorobekInsider: Former USDA CIO Chistopherson lands at SAP, former Food and Drug acting CIO Chapman
  10. DorobekInsider: OMB hires performance guru Shelley Metzenbaum
  11. DorobekInsider: GSA transition leads earn Coalition Partnership recognition
  12. DorobekInsider: Intel on the gov 2.0 front lines – and a new report assessing A-Space

On Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris

  1. Will House healthcare bill affect the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program?
  2. Preview: TSP Snapshot to start Monday
  3. Causey: 2009 a good year for feds
  4. Agency insourcing initative causing a stir in the private sector
  5. Whitepaper outlines identity issues for federal website users
  6. Smithsonian changing its image to appeal to younger Americans
  7. Smithsonian uses innovative collaboration tools to reach out to public
  8. Just don’t call it “pay for performance”
  9. Sorting through the features of the “next-generation” TSP
  10. Your Turn preview: A pay raise in your future?
  11. Friday Afternoon Federal Newscast
  12. NIH to facilitate scientists’ social networking
  13. OPM hopes to lure more military vets into civilian agenices
  14. NIMH entering first phase of largest ever study of suicide in the military
  15. SEA lauds signing of Defense Authorization bill
  16. How visual information systems could help your agency
  17. TSP rides the Wall Street rollercoaster
  18. Phase2 International joins storefront
  19. Study measures return on investment of collaboration tools
  20. Learning more about the Great Federal Employee Initiative
  21. The Daily Debrief Reports: TSP participation continues to increase
  22. Bureau of Land Management gives power to its people
  23. The Next Step for NSPS
  24. Still no cybersecurity czar at the White House
  25. Microsoft Federal focuses on options in the cloud
  26. Measuring the relationship between GSA and DoD
  27. Section: Daily Debrief Blogs
  28. Transparency the buzz word for Obama administration
  29. Demo for new TSP website unveiled at board meeting
  30. Opportunity Tracking: ITSS 4
  31. TSP and FERS tops legislative session
  32. More advantages for disadvantaged businesses
  33. CDT’s recent whitepaper outlines user-centric identity issues in detail
  34. GAO: Cost reimbursement contracts not always best choice for agencies
  35. Va. Rep. Connolly asks for investigation of federal Long Term Care insurance plan
  36. How much do you trust Uncle Sam?
  37. Daily Debrief Reports: No required minimum distributions for your TSP in 2010?
  38. National Security Roundup: 9/11-style terror plot foiled?
  39. Sharing best practices about waste, fraud and abuse could help healthcare costs
  40. Friday Fun Day!
  41. No COLA in 2010 for Social Security
  42. President’s Intelligence Advisory Board gains authority
  43. GovExec turns 40, editor reflects on changes in federal space
  44. Professional Services Council has analysis on OMB’s new contracting guidelines
  45. Ask the CIO preview: NIH assessing how technology impacts biomedical research
  46. New study measures ROI of utilization of advanced collaboration tools
  47. DoD releases Open Source memo
  48. H1N1 reaction: lessons learned
  49. Recent roundtable examines federal hiring process

And on

  1. OPM’s Berry deals out first set of civil service reform suggestions
  2. OPM proposes reinvestigation rule for certain employees
  3. Bonasaro: Attracting young blood to the Senior Executive Service a must
  4. House panel casts leery eye toward TSP mutual fund option
  5. TSP: Most funds down for October but up for year
  6. Two new programs on the way to improve recruitment, retention
  7. How health care legislation on Capitol Hill could affect you
  8. OPM sets new policy to make ‘burrowing’ harder
  9. Transition out of NSPS begins
  10. Archives officials grilled on the Hill over missing data drives
  11. White House cuts federal pay raise
  12. Sen. Collins says no to WH cybersecurity coordinator
  13. Feds find it isn’t easy being transparent
  14. OFPP calls on agencies to use EVM more often on non-IT projects
  15. FAA gives 245 small firms preferred contracting status
  16. Agency use of cost reimbursement contracts skyrockets, GAO finds
  17. GSA seeks to green all that it touches
  18. Advice for FERS employees scared about retirement
  19. NSPS over and FERS Flu cured, Senate Passes Defense Authorization Bill
  20. White House cybersecurity coordinator still unnamed after five months
  21. DHS to host EAGLE II industry day
  22. NSPS another step closer to ending; FERS ‘flu’ cure a “done deal”
  23. Agency cybersecurity reporting to get makeover
  24. Federal News Radio Reports
  25. Some insurance companies leave Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan as Open Season approaches
  26. Senate confirms Ferriero to be next Archivist
  27. GAO: Feds needs to do better job of recycling computers, electronics
  28. DoD deputy CIO explains recently released open source memo
  29. White House Cybersecurity coordinator still unnamed after five months
  30. How to work around FEHBP’s fewer choices and higher costs
  31. Senate committee increases civilian pay raise to 2.9 percent for 2010
  32. DoD makes NSPS pay raise equal to GS employees
  33. OMB wants to change the tone of management
  34. GSA releases FY 2010 per diem rates
  35. President restores authority of Intelligence Advisory Board; appoints co-chairs
  36. OPM offers little relief for long-term health care increases
  37. OPM shops for a culture change
  38. International Spy Museum offers grim, sobering warning on cybersecurity
  39. OPM to create pools of qualified applicants
  40. No COLA in 2010 not all bad news
  41. DHS expands use of TSA’s IdeaFactory department-wide
  42. Exclusive Preview of Top 20 Federal Contract Opportunities
  43. DARPA is a groundbreaking agency — again
  44. House committee does not address civilian pay raise for 2010
  45. OPM proposes rule to govern reinvestigations of certain employees
  46. TSA nominee faces Senate scrutiny
  47. OMB’s Zients stakes out acquisition reform plans
  48. Senate: Con artists are using stimulus scams to fleece citizens
  49. DHS to recompete unrestricted portion of EAGLE contract
  50. NASA’s Nebula cloud begins hosting today

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