NASA Glenn Research Center voted best gym

The NASA Glenn Research Center has the best gym in the federal government according to Federal News Radio listeners and readers. For the past week, you’ve been casting your votes as part of our Best of the Federal Government series.

NASA came in first place with 40 percent of the vote, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office came in second with 30 percent, the Federal Aviation Administration (16 percent), Department of Education (9 percent), and the Government Accountability Office (5 percent).

Next up in our Best of the Federal Government series, which agency has the best transportation options? We know there are certain agencies out there that are better off than others and we want you to tell us who they are. Which has the best metro access or parking lots? Which makes your commute a little more bearable each morning?

Nominate an agency today by sending us an email or filling out our anonymous form. And, feel free to tell us why you feel this agency is top notch.

Other upcoming categories include:

  • Best Overall Location – September 6, 2010
  • Best Dressed (Male/Female) – September 20, 2010

Previous categories:

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