Top 3 for 2013 – Dale Meyerrose on budget challenges

Dale Meyerrose, president, MeyerRose Group

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“Incrementalism” isn’t a word you probably hear very much. But it could define how your agency does business in 2013. Dale Meyerrose, president of MeyerRose Group and the former chief information officer at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, says the federal government will be dominated by budget restraints and that will give rise to what he calls incrementalism.

Dale Meyerrose’s Top 3 for 2013
  1. Government will be dominated by “incrementalism”

    a. Budget concerns will dominate-even if sequestration is averted
    b. Congress will not find the impetus to pass meaningful cyber legislation
    c. Departments will continue to wring their hands over definitions, authorities, and in/out sourcing-and avoid making big IT investment decisions

  2. Business will conclude that we are entering the era of BIG DATA-post-PC and post-network-centric

    a. Data and numbers will rule-shifting away from previous emphasis on infrastructure
    b. “Next-generation” efforts like mobile workforce, BYOD, mergers and acquisitions, cloud computing, SaaS, etc will all start and end in handling BIG DATA faster and better than their competition
    c. CMOs and Marketing Departments will soon spend more than their CIOs on IT because of BIG DATA

  3. No big technology breakthrough or disruption

    a. Still consolidating on the social networking disruption of the last four years
    b. Watch out for 2014 or 2015-the computer mouse will be placed on the “endangered species list”