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Federal News Radio is testing out a new homepage and wants to hear what readers think about it.

Here at Federal News Radio, one of our biggest priorities is to deliver news and information to you in the most efficient way possible. We want your experience on our site and on social media to be easy, as well as enriching and informative.

Our philosophy around efficiency encourages us to make small but important changes as to how we go about it.

This month, it means testing a new version of our homepage. This experiment, however, is seen only by half of you. Fifty percent of FederalNewsRadio.com visitors are being redirected to our redesigned homepage, while 50 percent of our visitors are still seeing the current homepage.

We hope this A/B test proves our hypothesis that the new homepage allows you to view more content that you find helpful as a federal employee or government contractor.

We’re in no hurry to put out a bad product, so we’ll be running our A/B test through July — possibly longer if we need to tweak things along the way. We’ll take our time reviewing the data and your feedback from this experiment so that, ultimately, 100 percent of FederalNewsRadio.com visitors will have the best experience.

We invite you to share your thoughts and comments with us along the way.

Lisa Wolfe

FederalNewsRadio.com | 1500AM

Hate or love our new homepage? Send us your comments.

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