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Putting the cloud to work in government

The cloud has become a mature concept as agencies move forward with their work in 2018. Companies who have partnered with the federal government in information technology transitions have learned many lessons to share.

Keith Johnson, chief technology officer and chief engineer for Leidos’ Defense and Intelligence Group joined Federal News Radio to share insights in the areas of cost, analysis and user experience.

He said the key for agencies evaluating the move to the cloud and ROI metrics needs to start with how they are measuring the services and the ultimate value that’s provided.

Evaluating the ROI for Moving to the Cloud

If you do it smartly, the cloud can be secure, but that requires a governance process and a methodology that starts by thinking about cyber at the very beginning, and how you're going to roll that out.

The Criteria for Selecting Data Analysis Tools

If you have current services that are being delivered via traditional means, and then you go to the cloud, before you commit fully to the cloud, we want to make sure that the services, the costs, and the end efficiencies are being realized.

User Experience

What the cloud can help you do, if you design your application web service correctly, is it can scale as more users come on.


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  • Keith Johnson

    Chief Technology Officer and Chief Engineer, Defense & Intelligence Group, Leidos

  • John Gilroy

    Host of Federal Tech Talk,

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