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Faster, better, cheaper: Maximizing open systems in government

Everyone involved in federal software development knows the percentage:  80% of the federal IT budget goes to maintaining existing systems.   Innovation in technology is forcing these legacy systems to be able to interact with other systems.

This discussion will focus on how Leidos has been successful with taking many large federal IT projects and making interoperability faster, better, and cheaper. This is done through an innovative way Leidos teams handle integration projects with legacy systems, commonly called an open systems approach.


Open System and Open Source

So, across the Army, Navy and Air Force, they are all looking for open systems. It makes it easier to integrate new capabilities. They make them easier to maintain, and when things get easier they become less costly.


Advantages to Open System

When we look at an open system is we decouple the hardware from the software, and so once you decouple it, you're enabled to bring new hardware in without rearchitecting the system.


Transitioning Systems

When you're laying out a system you really want to make it modular in a way so that the functionality is self-contained so that as you introduce new capabilities, you don't have to upgrade every module.

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