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Solving the cyber puzzle – from trust to talent

Today’s cybersecurity attack surface is much larger than even just a few years ago. There will be an estimated four devices for every human in a few short years. Add to that the swarms of sensors that are everywhere, and cybersecurity professionals are surrounded with threats on all sides. Cybersecurity in the age of the Internet of Things is a priority for all security professionals, especially at the enterprise level.

While cybersecurity is “baked” into every new project today, the ability to meet tomorrow’s threats will require organizations to recruit the best cyber talent available.

Arlette Hart, senior cybersecurity technologist at Leidos, joined Federal News Network to discuss the state of cybersecurity today and the need to recruit and retain top talent. She provided an overview of the training, mentorship, and apprenticeship opportunities at Leidos, while noting the projected shortage of cybersecurity professionals by 2020.

Cybersecurity Workforce

A bunch of disciplines that work together to create a secure infrastructure. There's engineering, there's forensics, there's actually watching and looking for incidents themselves, there's identifying and remediating, and then there's the programmatics around it.

IoT Devices and Cybersecurity Solutions

When you have an enterprise that needs to secure data, you're leveraging these consumer devices that were never meant to be secured in the first place.


At Leidos, we're really pushing hard on the automation question because there is no way to address machine speed attacks without machine capability.


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Featured speakers

  • Arlette Hart

    Senior Cybersecurity Technologist, Leidos

  • John Gilroy

    Host of Federal Tech Talk, Federal News Network

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