The Obama transparency initiative – phase III launches today

The White House today will launch the third and final part of the Obama transparency and openness initiative where the White House CTO’s office will invite the public to “collaborate on crafting constructive proposals to address challenges from the Discussion phase.”

You can find all the information about the White House transparency initiative on the White House openness portal —

Part one, of course, was a brainstorming session, where the White House invited people to share ideas and  recommendations on how to make government more open. The site allowed people to vote on proposed ideas or add their own. You can read the White House’s assessment of the brainingstorming session here.

Part two has been the discussion of those ideas.

Part three, which is scheduled to launch sometime today after a few delays, is the “draft” phase. The White House describes it as the ability to “collaborate on crafting constructive proposals to address challenges from the Discussion phase.”

We don’t know exactly how this all will work. We’ll talk to Beth Noveck, the deputy CTO for openness, this afternoon on Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris. My hope is that they will post the proposed policy in a wiki kind of format and we can see where it evolves. But we will all stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here is the note that the White House sent to participants late last week:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with us through Phase II of the Open Government Consultation ( Given the vibrant and growing discussion, we have decided to extend Phase II through the end of this week. Phase III, the Drafting Phase, will begin on Monday, June 22nd.

Today, we posted the final Participation posting, “Enhancing Online Citizen Participation through Policy.” We greatly look forward to your feedback on the suite of Participation discussions happening live on the OSTP blog.

* Wrap-Up of the Open Government Brainstorming: Participation

* Enhancing Citizen Participation in Decision-Making

* Strengthening Civic Participation

* Improving Online Public Participation in Agency Rulemaking

* New Technologies and Participation

* Enhancing Online Citizen Participation through Policy

In addition, we’ve initiated the conversation on Collaboration by summing up the key ideas we heard from you in the Open Government Brainstorm: “Wrap-up of the Open Government Brainstorm: Collaboration

Keep an eye on the for three upcoming postings on Collaboration, starting June 17th:

* Prizes as Incentives for Public-Private Partnerships

* Intergovernmental Collaboration – Achieving Better Results by Working Together; and

* Stakeholder Collaboration for Dispute Resolution

We’ve been very pleased with the discussion so far and we warmly invite your continued participation in this process. Please encourage your colleagues, friends, and family to join the discussion at

The Open Government Team


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