Defense Industry

  • China Fighter Ahead of Schedule

    China is building an advanced combat jet that may rival within eight years Lockheed Martin Corp’s F-22 Raptor, the premier U.S. fighter, a U.S. intelligence official said. Reuters reports, the expected deployment is years ahead of what the Pentagon thought the date would be. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said last year it would be 2025 before China would have that capability –Now the the estimate is 2018. The F-22 blends speed, super-agility, stealth and sensor fusion into a single package

  • Multiyear contract is a big boon to Boeing

    The Navy strikes a deal to lump together all the fighter jets it plans to purchase over the next several years into a single large buy, in a victory for aerospace giant Boeing. Dr. Jacques Gansler, former undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, explains.

  • CyberPatriot III details announced

    CyberPatriot combines online education and preliminary competition rounds delivered over the internet, proceeding to in-person finals held in conjunction with AFA National Symposia. We get details from Northrop Grumman’s Diane Miller and the Air Force Association’s David Buckwalter.

  • Two-Thirds of all phishing come from one group

    Cybersecurity Update – Tune in weekdays at 30 minutes past the hour for the latest cybersecurity news on The Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Jane Norris (6-10 a.m.) and The Daily Debrief with Chris…

  • GSA continues to hint at E-Travel consolidation

    Draft RFP calls for a contractor to provide updated online travel management services. GSA to host industry day in May to answer questions about the initial solicitation.

  • EADS charts course to beat Boeing for tankers

    EADS North America has announced that it plans to bid on the U.S. Air Force’s tanker modernization program. Sean O’Keefe, CEO of EADS North America, explains how the company plans to win.

  • EADS North America will bid for Air Force tanker contract

    EADS North America announced on Tuesday that it plans to bid on the U.S. Air Force’s tanker modernization program.

  • Brazil and The U.S. Make a Deal

    The United States and Brazil are preparing to sign a new agreement to bolster defense cooperation, the first accord of its kind between the hemisphere’s two top economies in more than 30 years, officials said Wednesday. Reuters is reporting the agreement, which could be signed as early as Monday, is meant to demonstrate strengthening ties between the two militaries, despite diplomatic tensions over Brazil’s refusal to back new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program. It also comes as Brazil is evaluating bids in a multibillion dollar fighter jet competition, in which U.S.-based Boeing Co is one of three contenders.

  • Northrop Grumman teaming with academia to solve cyber problems

    The company is announcing the Cyber Security Research Consortium, in conjunction with three educational institutions.

  • SecDef Robert Gates at Lockheed Martin Factory

    Taking a look at the Joint Strike Fighter program was the reason Defense Secretary Robert Gates was in Texas yesterday, but the media asked him to comment on the report on Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChrystal…

  • Pentagon lets benefits contract with Lockeed Martin expire

    The Pentagon is not going to renew its contract with Lockheed Martin to process information for U.S. veterans. Bloomberg is reporting that the current contract will expire soon and the Pentagon will not excercise its…

  • The Cybersecurity Marketplace Continued

    Federal agencies are currently in transition mode as the Obama Administration settles in – and some new feds might be wondering about the challenges involved with cybersecurity. Yesterday, we tackled the topic with federal contractor…

  • Growing the Cybersecurity Marketplace

    President Barack Obama says he’s committed to ensuring the federal government is better protected against cyber attacks. The Administration has pledged to create a top cyber security position, among other things. Bob Frizzelle, Sector Vice…

  • Getting a tip on TIPSS-4

    Treasury is splitting TIPSS 4 into two separate solicitations.