• General Dynamics lands Army contract

    Under the contract, the company will develop interior designs, perform equipment needs assessments, relocations, equipment installation, maintenance and employee training for the Army Corps of Engineers.

  • Army Cyber Command must find right balance

    Maj. Gen. Hernandez took over the new organization Oct. 1. He tells Federal News Radio his goals include making sure the workforce has the capabilities it needs and to better understand the Army’s situational awareness.

  • Army re-enlistment bonus in thousands

    Soldiers can receive anywhere from $1,300 to $40,000

  • Assange was obsessed

    What led to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s decision to release 75 thousand classified documents obtained from a U.S. Army private? A former group spokesman, who quit the organization said it was becoming consumed by its confrontation with the Pentagon. Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a German who said he left because of Assange’s management style. He told Der Speigel he had serious problems with Assange’s ”obsession” with attacking the U.S. government.

  • Cybersecurity and telework make an interesting team

    Tight security measures both tighten the leashes of executives, while driving them out of the office.

  • New Army website takes reports of suspicious incidents

    The Army has a new system for soldiers and civilians to report suspicious incidents, reports.

  • Army fights contracting workforce attrition

    With attrition from retirement and other factors, the Army is faced with needing as many as 500 new contracting officials almost every year for the foreseeable future. We get details on the options for dealing with that from the Army’s Edward Harrington.

  • iphones coming to the Army

    The Army may soon begin distributing Apple’s iphone to new recruits. The goal appears to be giving young people effective training tools and tools that are fun. Defense Tech reports Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, the top officer in charge of Army basic training says the service is making a radical shift away from Power Points and into iPhone apps. Several hundred iphones have been isued as a part of a preliminary study to see if smart phone delivery of training material works better with this generation of recruits.

  • Army expands online training efforts

    The Army has been steadily increasing the amount of education and training it delivers online. Details from the Army’s Phyllis Bailey

  • Kindles, iPads drafted for battlefield testing

    The Army is testing consumer technology to see how well it performs on the battlefield.

  • Army Materiel moving from Belvoir to ‘Bama

    The Army Material Command is moving from Ft. Belvoir to Redstone Arsenal. At least most of it is. We get an update from Kate Kelley, chief of the BRAC office.

  • The Army needs virtual cyber trainers

    The Performance Work Statement (PWS) defines the requirements for the Contractor to provide non-personal services for Information Technology (IT) support to the United States Army Chief Information Officer (CIO)/G6, Cyber Information Assurance Directorate.

  • Army rebuilding contracting workforce

    The Army is trying to get the word out that it needs good people to help manage money. The lagging economy, stubborn unemployment and improved pay and benefits are helping to attract the next generation of acquisition professionals into the fold.

  • Army’s blueprint for success

    Written with the understanding that joint, inter-agency, intergovernmental and multinational partners will be key players in future warfare, the Army Operating Concept provides guidance on how the Army will function in the multi-player environment during 2016-2028. Lt. Gen. Michael Vane explains.