Let’s Have Lurch

What do you call the day after Thanksgiving -- Friday -- or \"The day after Thanksgiving\"? Mike Causey calls it \"Lurch Day\" but he thinks you can come up wit...

What do you call the day after Thanksgiving. Friday? Or ‘The Day After Thanksgiving’? Neither of them has much zing. Surely you can do better.

Most federal holidays — by order of Congress — are now celebrated on Mondays. It’s nice for a lot of people, starting with those who get them and those (merchants, resorts, airlines, etc.) who benefit most from them.

But there are three federal holidays — Thanksgiving, Independence Day and Christmas that happen when they happen. The third Thursday in November, the 4th of July and the 25th of December. That means from time to time some of those holidays fall on a Thursday or a Tuesday.

Tuesday and Thursday holidays give people with vacation time the chance to get 9 days off by taking only 4 days of annual leave. Lots of people do just that.

But many people can’t take time off either because they are in 24/7 operations, can’t be sparred or don’t have the leave.

The fact is that most decent, hard-working and dedicated people won’t be reading this column today. Certainly not at work. And for that those of us who produced it, this product you will never see or savor, we salute you. With a very special, universally understood gesture you see all the time, and especially in traffic jams.

For those of you — of us — who are working day we have a challenge. What to call the workday that falls on Tuesday or Thursday. I can only think if Lurch Day. Surely you can do better.

Let us know. Bear in mind this is a family-oriented website. Otherwise let ‘er rip.

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