Traditional Mushy Christmas Column

Around Christmas time people are allowed to get a little mushy. Hey, it worked for Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reid!

So we say it every year and we mean it every year.

Thanks for being with us. Thanks for the e-mails. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Without people asking questions and making suggestions we’d be out of ideas, out of steam and rather quickly, out of business.

The best columns we’ve had this year were all written by other people. Either based on the suggestions/comments we got from active and retired feds, from a tip from contractors or from folks in uniform.

The very best came from some of our regular guest columnists: John Elliott, Allan Roth, Ed Zurndorfer, Tammy Flanagan, Arthur Stein, who filled in – with very good stuff – so some of our team members could be away.

Also we got lucky this year because super editor Suzanne Kubota got real sick for a time, and now appears to be real well. We know you like her Useless Factoid feature because we hear from so many people.

Have a happy holiday. Buckle up and have fun.

Mike & friends


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