Happy Birthday Mr. President

If George Washington were alive today he would be amazed by several things:

  1. How many aches and pains a 276 year old person has,
  2. The continuing saga of Britney Spears, and
  3. The size and complexity (and cost) of today’s federal government.

Back when he was President, the government was pretty darn small. The War (and Navy) Departments had not evolved into the Defense Department, most revenue came from Customs duty collections. The Consumer Product Safety Commission had not even been considered.

The federal government today has more people than the U.S. of A., had people back then. If you throw in government contractors our government probably has more people than lived on the entire European continent.

Most people who work for Uncle Sam are, of course, off today. This is one of those Monday holidays (regardless of the actual date of the event or person being honored) so many people are staying home resting, heading for the ski slopes (and thence to the emergency room), or the beach.

But there are some of you (us, actually) who are on the job. Eager and happy to serve. So if you are off, enjoy yourself. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

And if you are working, or just at home thinking about the job, good on you. Misery loves company and I am constantly (and currently) surrounded by some of the most miserable people on Earth: The staff of WFED.

So from all of us, thanks for being there. And if you have a second, let us know where you are right now and why.

Happy holiday.

Nearly Useless Factoid

It’s a federal holiday, so if you find yourself killing some time in a coffee house today, this tidbit may not be entirely useless: not only is Saint Drogo the patron saint of coffee houses, he’s also the patron saint of unattractive people. Maybe that’s why there are no unattractive people at your coffee house?

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Happy Birthday, Mister President

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