Holiday Tip of the Hat

If you are off work today, enjoy yourself. The great thing about the government, according to Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, is that we take it for granted.

For most federal workers this is a holiday. For most feds in the Metro Washington area, tomorrow is also a holiday.

Many here, inside the Beltway, have graciously agreed to a day off on Tuesday, with pay, so that folks from Chicago, Wilmington and LA can move around freely (hah!) to observe or participate in the Inauguration.

But for lots of folks in government, the media, and the retail world, today and Tuesday are, we hope, special days in all the best ways.

So if you are off today enjoy yourself. If you are off today and tomorrow, consider yourself lucky. And if you have to work today, or tomorrow, or both, thanks for your service.

Most of us don’t know (much less appreciate) what you are doing, whether it is law enforcement, security, or in the health and safety field, but you can bet we would know in instant if you weren’t doing it and doing it very well at that.

Thanks again!

Nearly Useless Factoid

Hate your cubicle? It could be worse. According to a report in the Australian Associated Press, “in 90 percent of… research, the outcome of working in an open-plan office was seen as negative, with open-plan offices causing high levels of stress, conflict, high blood pressure, and a high staff turnover.” Not only that, but researchers also found that the high level of noise causes employees to lose concentration, leading to low productivity. We’d tell you more about it, but someone’s reading over our shoulders again.

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