Toil We Must

If you are working today, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says \'thank you!\'

If you are working today (as am I), two things:

Thing The First: If the family is having, or planned, a nice Memorial Day trip or event, maybe you picked the wrong job. Or the wrong branch of government. But it’s too late now, because here you sit, stand or whatever.

Thing The Second: There are worse things than being wanted, needed and indispensable. Obviously somebody higher up the food chain decided that things couldn’t operate without you. You may be working in a hospital, border patrol sector, in law enforcement, defense or an anti-terrorist mission. Which means that somebody, maybe lots of somebodies, thinks you are the man. Or the woman.

So for all of you who are working today, a tip of the old radio antenna to you and yours. We might be able to get along without you at your post, but it’s not worth risking.

Thanks from the gang at WFED.

P.S. This does not apply if you are simply seeking a quiet work environment, or are trying to avoid company or in-laws. While you don’t win any medals, it does show you are pretty crafty/smart.

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