Is there an anti-fed movement in Congress?

Jessica Klement of the Federal Managers Association joins the show to discuss the feeling about feds in Congress. Plus, Federal Times\' Steve Watkins and Steve ...

February 23, 2011 — What would a government shutdown look like this time around? What’s at stake and what could happen?

On this week’s show, Federal Times editor Steve Watkins and senior writer Steve Losey talk about how Congress plans to fund government for the remainder of fiscal year 2011.

Will the pay freeze be extended another three years? Have promotions and within-grade raises been protected? What about federal civil service and social security payments? Are federal retirement rules going to change?

Also on the show, Jessica Klement of the Federal Managers Association. Klement will talk about fighting the anti-fed movement in Congress and FMA’s upcoming national convention and management training seminar on March 15.

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