Columbus Day — the holiday that isn’t

Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks, are you among the many who don't have to work today, or the few holding down the fort?

This is one of those holidays — Veterans Day is the other — that lots of workers don’t get. Of all the non-feds I know, only two will get today off. One works for a trade association, another for a quasi-government financial outfit.

If you work retail, work in the food business, anything to do with hospitality, sales or trade, odds are this is just another day at the office.

So if you are off today, have fun. Remember four years ago we were in the midst of the 16-day shutdown. And if you had to work, welcome to the club.

Either way, have a good day and don’t even think about the possibility of a shutdown.

Nearly Useless Factoid:

By Michael O’Connell

Stinger, a 6-foot-9 bright green bug, is the mascot of the Columbus Blue Jackets professional hockey team.

Source: Wikipedia

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