5 reasons why you should use cloud storage every day

Robert Everett offers warnings against depending on static storage for data.

Cloud storage is an opportunity to download your files on the server with an ability to access to them from any gadget and any place. Before this innovation appeared, people has been exchanging files in different social networks (like Facebook) and used material storage drives. In fact, they still devote their data to material drives. That is why, currently, not all of the users understand the necessity of using cloud storage.

However, nowadays, cloud storage is not something new and weird. In daily conversations people mention that they use them for some reasons. But despite everybody knows what it is, the level of users is not very high. Mostly because people are too lazy to download storage app and put their data there. But the price for these laziness can be colossal. Look at the 5 simple, but essential reasons of why everyday use of cloud storage is very important today.

The betrayal of the flash drives

It is hard to find a person that does not carry a flash drive with him. Whether you work at the company or study at the university, you need this little tool every day. But do you realize how many problems do you carry with your flash drive?

First of all, it is easy to lose it. Some people change flash drives more than socks and gloves because they leave them everywhere. The maximum storage capacity of flash drives is 128GB (that will be enough to download all seasons of Game of Thrones in excellent quality). What problem is there? Well, the device with such capacity costs much, and if you lose it, you will surely regret.

People also usually come across with such a problem, when they put their flash drive in USB input, and the computer does not detect it. Many students failed to show their presentations because of such technical error. Moreover, if the PC finally detects it, you can face the worse problem. A virus that inhabited that computer can move to your flash drive and infect your digital data.

But with cloud drives, you can save your education from troubles given by flash drives. It will become and odd object that you will not regret to lose.

  1. Optimize your cooperation. Cloud drives is a perfect instrument for immediate data exchange. The option to give access to multiple people makes this service a perfect tool for both distant and in-house work. People have a need to transfer each other information every day. For instance, if you work as a freelancer, you can send files to your supervisor faster than via email.Usually, offices create a local network to provide the connection between all workers. The creation of local network requires a long work of system administrator. Also, some companies create a corporate email to spread necessary information. However, people can get lost in heaps of messages to find a certain file.That is why both freelance and office workers can get the most profit from cloud storages. You can synchronize any folder with your cloud storage and give access only to selected people. Another benefit of cloud servers is their ability to integrate with different office online services (like CRM or Slack) that provide automatic data exchange. Also, you can use these servers both with Microsoft and Linux operating system.Even if you are absent from your work, you can enter your storage via smartphone and solve your business online. Such cooperation opportunity erases the gap between people, so the can unite and deliver products of their work faster than before.
  2. Create backup for your private files. Usually, when PC or smartphone breaks down, firstly owners of these devices suffer because of wasted money, and then because of lost data. In the previous paragraph I have emphasized on data important for work, now I want to dwell upon private files, such as personal photos or videos.It’s true that technical devices can get broken quite easily. And the number of phone pocketing is too immense and impressive to say it aloud. In fact, I have witnessed for too many times such picture: a girl has lost her phone and memorable photos with them. I completely agree the loss of private content can really make your heart broken. But now you can avoid being a fool and protect digital data of extra value. Using a cloud storage as a depository for your files ensures they are safe in case your device get broken or lost. All storages have an “auto-upload” function, so you can synchronize it and download the photo in the cloud after the very moment it was produced.
  3. Protect your work from being wasted. Every intellectual work is precious. But in a digital world, it can be destroyed in a few moments. There are many occurrences when students google “help me write an essay” in search entry because they haven`t saved their own file with homework and spend time for nothing. People are aware of all unexpected incidents that may happen with their PC during the work, but they often forget to initiate measures to prevent themselves from force majeure.The electricity can crash in the area you live. As a result, your computer will be switched off and the file with your tasks will be not saved. You will have to start work from the beginning under the risk of new voltage frisk. Or, what’s worse, your power generator can get burnt and you will have to find another computer to continue your work.Another danger from digital world is viruses. You can catch a virus from the internet that will “eat” your precious files as Packman eats ghosts. Usually, after viruses have worked on your text files, your texts will turn to be encrypted. Just face it, your work does not deserve to be destroyed in such ridiculous way. If you synchronize your files with cloud storages you can avoid these stupid losses.
  4. Get more space for less money. A fee for unlimited storage in the cloud is cheaper than buying and maintaining lots of hard drive storage space. People still buy hard drives to multiple levels of storage in their homes and offices. But any physical device you can drop because of different reasons. The most stupid way is to spill coffee on and ruin gigabytes of data.
    Cloud storage services have affordable offers for their users. For instance, the major cloud service Dropbox allows using 2GB of storage for free. It is enough to synchronize your smartphone files and to keep at least text documents.If your demands require more space, there are different options to buy it. For $9,99 per month, you can get 1000 GB of storage. Google Drive offer 100GB for $23.88 per year, but their server is not available for Linux users. Some providers introduce unlimited storage too. For example, in OpenDrive for $99 per year users can get an unlimited amount of space.So, if you are up on recent innovations, you can optimize your everyday life. Devote some minutes and backup your digital data with cloud storage services. You will feel the difference very fast.

Robert Everett is a freelance writer based in Chicago. He aims to solve students career and university problems and has an interest in marketing and business. My Facebook link.  My Google+

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