POLL: How has the shutdown affected morale?

The poll in this story is no longer available.

Since the government reopened last week, many wonder what impact of the 16-day shutdown will have on the morale of the federal workforce.

On the one hand, for more than two weeks, hundreds of thousands of federal employees were deemed “nonessential,” and forced to stay home with no guarantee they would ever be paid. On the other hand, Congress approved retroactive for furloughed workers, essentially turning the two weeks of furloughs into a surprise mid-October vacation — at least for furloughed employees.

Employees that were “excepted” from furloughs, however, remained on the job during the shutdown. Workloads have also piled up and key projects are now more than two weeks behind.

Federal News Radio wants to know how the shutdown has affected morale in your workplace. Take the poll and let us know. Plus, tell us what you think via Facebook, Twitter, email or the comments on this page.


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