John Salamone, Vice President, FMP Consulting

The retirement claims backlog reached its lowest level in more than a year. The Office of Personnel Management says it got 1,600 fewer claims last month than expected. But it’s predicting 19,000 new claims for the month of January. John Salamone is vice president of FMP Consulting and former executive director of the Chief Human Capital Officers Council. He shared his Top 3 for 2015 on In Depth with Francis Rose. He says more federal employees will retire this year than in the last, but there’s a whole group of people leaving government that isn’t getting enough attention.

John Salamone’s Top 3 for 2015

  1. Continue to pay attention to key federal workforce trends including hiring, retirement and quit rates.
  2. What will SES reform look like in 2015?
  3. Will we see an immigration reform package from Congress in 2015?

In our special radio report, Top 3 for 2015, federal experts tell In Depth host Francis Rose what top three concepts, trends or priorities they believe will be important in 2015.


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