DoD hires Verizon under Networx

The Defense Department has chosen Verizon to provide both voice and data services under the Networx telecommunications contract.

DoD ran two separate competitions that were worth a combined $1.1 billion and Verizon won both, the company announced on Thursday.

In June, the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization awarded Verizon a $752 million contract to provide data services such as IP virtual private network services, IP services, wireless and point-to-point wired telephone services.

In February, DITCO hired Verizon under a $368 million voice contract to provide services to more than 700,000 military employees worldwide. The voice services include long distance, calling-card, ISDN and video teleconferencing.


DoD also hired Verizon under the previous telecommunications contract, FTS-2001, that Networx replaces.