Secrets in plain sight in censored book’s reprint

The Department of Defense is giving author Anthony Shaffer the best publicity he could ask for — buying and destroying the full first printing of Operation Dark Heart in the name of national security.

DoD offered a redacted version of the Afghan war memoir penned by Shaffer, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer.

But the Pentagon did not set the alarm about security lapses in the book until after as many as 100 uncensored advance copies were distributed by the publisher, The New York Times reports. One uncensored version of the book was sold this week for more than $2,000 on eBay.

The redactions offer a “rare glimpse behind the bureaucratic veil that cloaks information the government considers too important for public airing,” including the location of a CIA training facility, the headquarters for codebreakers and information about communications intercepts, according to the report.

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