DISA’s telework helps take a bite out of BRAC

The one sure method of avoiding traffic when heading to offices at Fort Meade, notes the Odenton Patch: “don’t even bother going.”

Editor Tim Lemke reports telework “is a main tentpole in a transportation demand management plan outlined by leadership at Fort Meade and neighboring counties.”

Some agencies at Fort Meade dealing in classified and secret data, such as the National Security Agency, aren’t set up for telework, notes Lemke.

But one of them very much is leading the way.

DISA, which will bring 4,700 new workers to its new headquarters at Fort Meade by the end of the summer, has had a robust telecommuting program in place for several years. At this point, reports GovExec, “nearly 50 percent of its employees have been approved to work remotely,” many of them up to three days a week.

Aaron Glover, special assistant to the director of manpower, personnel and security at DISA tells GovExec’s Emily Long, the “key to our success has been providing training to all our managers in regard to teleworking — how you manage the remote workforce [and] communication with the employee, and make sure expectations are identified so everybody knows what’s going to be expected while the employee is teleworking,” Glover said.