Are you taking advantage of all of your federal employee benefits?

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Most federal employees are familiar with the variety of benefits provided by the government’s first-class benefits package.  Many of you already have your flexible spending accounts, TSPs (with agency contribution), and FEGLI in place, in addition to health care and social security. You may even be utilizing one of the free services offered by EAP or are assisted with workplace child care.

However, there is one benefit that is often overlooked, whether it be from lack of knowledge or familiarity, or the conviction that it is unnecessary to your position- the benefit of Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance (PLI).

In essence, a professional liability insurance policy appoints you with your own lawyer to defend against work related allegations, claims and lawsuits and covers both legal defense and indemnification costs. While it may seem unnatural for you to foresee a situation in which you would ever need to hire an attorney to defend you just for doing your job, it is true that any federal employee can become the target of an allegation or complaint that may lead to an adverse administrative action, disciplinary proceeding, or civil lawsuit. Even if the allegation is ultimately disproved, hiring representation throughout the process can become very costly.

Understanding the seriousness of such allegations and the price associated with them, Congress enacted Public Law 106-58, Section 642 to require all federal agencies to reimburse up to 50% of this professional liability insurance premium to qualified employees. The federal government feels so strongly that its employees should not just have access to but should enroll in this insurance that they are willing to pay for half of it.

With FEDS Protection’s $1,000,000 policy starting at just $290 annually, this means out of pocket costs of just $145 for the year for those eligible for reimbursement. Payroll deduction is available, like with other benefits, to all federal employees regardless of reimbursement eligibility.

Founded by a federal employment attorney who formerly worked as a federal employee, FEDS Protection offers commitment and expertise unmatched by other PLI carriers.

“I founded FEDS Protection on a platform of education because I was constantly amazed that federal employees were either unaware of or undervalued the need for PLI.  It pained me to see dedicated civil servants having to spend a small—and sometimes large—fortune for an attorney to defend a matter that arose out of their federal job duties, especially when there was such an affordable solution available.” Anthony F. Vergnetti, FEDS Founder and President.

Our panel of law firms have 30+ years of specific experience in representing the federal community on a wide range of employment law and federal personnel issues.  Just one hour with one of these lawyers without a PLI policy is cost equivalent to the annual premium of FEDS Protection. This quality of legal representation is one of the main reasons FEDS is recommended over all other carriers by the leading federal employee associations.

More information regarding professional liability insurance can be found online at, or by calling 866-955-FEDS. Enrollment only takes 5 minutes and is not restricted to open enrollment periods.

FEDS Protection is exclusively offered to federal employees and contractors and must be in place prior to any allegations or claims in order for coverage to apply. Be sure to take advantage of all of your benefits this year and apply today.

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