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Unexpected benefits you get with UnitedHealthcare FEHB Medical Plan

Access to better health is just a click away with UnitedHealthcare. The nation’s largest health care company is connecting millions of federal employees with ...

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Access to better health is just a click away with UnitedHealthcare. The nation’s largest health care company is connecting millions of federal employees with virtual care options and technology they can use, like Peloton and Apple Fitness+.

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is clear; virtual care is here to stay. “The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual care, both among consumers and healthcare providers,” said Samantha Baker, Vice President of UnitedHealthcare Consumer Digital Health. “During 2021, virtual care appointments were up 2,800 percent from the comparable period before COVID-19 started,” said Baker.

Virtual care or “telehealth” is the alternative to in-person visits, allowing consumers the flexibility to address preventative care, chronic diseases, and even mild emergency care visits from the comfort of their homes.

“Federal employees who select a United Healthcare plan will have access to virtual care through local care providers and our national telehealth network, at no additional cost,” said Baker.

To simplify the virtual experience, UnitedHealthcare has expanded its digital resources to include
personalized onboarding videos, a step-by-step breakdown of coverage and easy access to claims and
online payments, and more.

“UnitedHealthcare is focused on making the mobile experience better, so you can easily get the
answers to the questions you have and access to care with the click of a button,” said Baker.

An exciting new perk offered to new and existing plan members is access to fitness apps, Peloton and
Apple Fitness+.

As of September 1, 2021, UnitedHealthcare members can get a free year-long subscription to the Peloton App. The app connects members to thousands of live and on-demand fitness classes, like strength, yoga, meditation, outdoor running, and more – all without the need for equipment.

In addition to the Peloton App, UnitedHealthcare members will also gain access to a free twelve-month subscription to Apple Fitness+, the first fitness service powered by Apple Watch. Apple Fitness+ provides studio-style workouts through the iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, making instructional
exercises accessible anytime and anywhere.

And that only scratches the surface.

“We have so much planned for the future,” said Baker. “UnitedHealthcare is committed to using technology to improve health outcomes and make the healthcare system easier for everyone.”

As federal employees make benefits decisions during open season, which runs from November 8 to December 13, they are encouraged to evaluate all aspects of plan options, including cost, coverage, and the types of digital resources available.

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