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6 reasons NARFE is the best investment you can make

You or someone you know invested time and energy into building skills as a federal employee. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of NARFE today and enjoy the ...

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NARFE, the National Active and Retired Federal Employees association, is the premier resource to help sort out the complex and confusing rules surrounding federal pay, benefits and retirement. As a federal employee, NARFE is there for you, and with your membership, you have full access to an array of valuable resources and a sense of community from NARFE’s local federations and chapters nationwide and online.

“NARFE does a great job keeping us informed regarding federal retiree options,” writes Walter Drag (Retired) DOC-NOAA-National Weather Service, in Wantage, NJ. “Thank you, NARFE, for helping us proceed more safely, and financially more efficiently, into and through our retirement.”

Benefits of your NARFE membership

1. Access to an exclusive range of thoroughly researched resources, including webinars, from NARFE’s federal benefits experts.

2. Guidance through all your federal career and retirement questions by our federal benefits experts who are available to you and can assist with outreach to OPM.

3. Engagement opportunities with your active and retired Fed family on FEDHub, NARFE’s growing, exclusive online community.

4. Insights on local and state issues and meet members in your Fed community by joining a local chapter.

5. Earn members-only discounts on insurance, travel, health services and more through NARFE Perks.

6. Protect your retirement benefits with our powerful advocacy team, to ensure the benefits you were promised are the ones you receive.

As a federal employee, you’ve been there for us. America’s civil servants they help land our planes safely, protect our homeland and maintain our parks and public land. Federal employees enhance our infrastructure, secure our financial systems, perform inspections to maintain a healthy food supply and so much more. Public servants provide these vital services that benefit U.S. citizens every day, but much of this important work goes unnoticed.

Not only does your fed family grow exponentially as a NARFE member, but you also get peace of mind knowing that your earned pay, retirement and health care benefits are protected. NARFE has been doing this for more than 100 years.

“I recently learned how valuable NARFE membership can be,” writes L.D., of Bremerton, WA. “I contacted the federal benefits experts at NARFE about a problem with my Social Security widow’s benefit. With their help, I was able to explain to the SSA that they had made a mistake regarding my status as a CSRS survivor annuitant. Once they corrected their mistake, not only did I receive a large lump sum back payment, I went from owing them for my Medicare premium to covering my premium and receiving a monthly payment. Many thanks to the Federal Benefits Team at NARFE—I feel like I hit the lottery!”

NARFE is the leading voice for benefits in Washington

As the only association solely dedicated to the general welfare of all federal employees and retirees, NARFE is your leading voice in Washington, speaking on behalf of the federal community and fighting for your benefits. NARFE’s team of experts provides resources and trusted guidance to help active and retired Feds make informed decisions and get the most out of their federal benefits. NARFE also works to raise awareness of diverse professions within the federal workforce and the dynamic, talented and passionate individuals working in public service.

“I had paid for training that didn’t answer my questions and I was about to pay for another session, but then I called NARFE,” writes Mary Wing, of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Reno, NV. “Their federal benefits experts are amazing! With their assistance, I discovered that I had access to a much greater financial benefit than I thought. They made a huge difference in my retirement outlook—just speaking with them paid for my NARFE membership for life! Thank you, NARFE!”

“NARFE is the only organization whose mission is to help federal employees learn to take advantage of all their civil service benefits,” writes Clint McSherry, Ph.D., of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Durham, North Carolina. “I’ve searched for information about planning for Medicare, Social Security, and private supplemental health insurance, but didn’t find much before becoming a NARFE member. Whether you’re a current federal employee or a retiree, NARFE is there for you.”

You or someone you know invested time and energy into building skills as a federal employee. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of NARFE today and enjoy the assurance of cushion of a benefits, resource and advocacy partner!


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