Life after COVID: Is there a promotion on the horizon?

Kathryn Troutman, a job-finder and promotion coach, shares tips for how you can excel in the federal workforce, at a time when a stable and well-paying job is a...

For many of us, doing a good job, protecting the family, staying employed and staying alive are top priorities. Not necessarily in that order.

Many, if not most, are counting on this pandemic ending and life as we know it returning to normal. With maybe some very important twists and turns nobody can foresee.

The economic problems that may well be coming will likely mean that having a steady job with excellent benefits is an even higher priority. Especially if the outfit you work for has a monopoly on printing money.

So what’s next for you on the job front? Do you see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel? Is this a good (appropriate) time to be thinking ahead? Maybe to the next job, or a promotion? Has five-plus months under siege steadied your course or changed it? Or, maybe for the first time, they have made you consider having a career plan?

What about the future on the job front? While lots of people will probably be happy to stick with their federal jobs, many are also likely to say they’ve had enough. After this, they want to do a little living, at their own pace and place of choice. So we called on Kathryn Troutman. She is a job-hunter/promotion finder coach, and author of more than 30 books on getting a job or promotion. And she is the founder of The Resume Place. She’s going to be my guest today on our Your Turn radio show at 10 a.m. She’ll talk about getting a job or getting a promotion in our brave new work world. If you have questions for her send them to me here before showtime.

Here are some of the points Kathy will cover today in her session about finding, then moving up in, the federal job market:

3 Top Tips To Getting Promoted – It Takes A Writing Strategy

Kathryn will talk about navigating your way OUT of your current position and moving into a new agency and position!

  1. Federal resume writing strategy to match the qualifications in the announcement.
  2. Setting up saved searches for significant and fast turnaround announcements.
  3. Contacting HR if you are found to be ineligible or not best qualified if you know you are.

-Getting Promoted. What Are Your Top Accomplishments?

  • What you have you done recently that meets and exceeds your agency mission? Any accomplishments this year that stand out?
  • What you done to implement COVID-19 procedures and regulations?

-Find The Keywords To Try To Get Best Qualified.

  • Experience as a contracting officer’s representative.
  • Handling the development and sustainment of software systems using the agile development process and monitoring cost to identify positive and negative trends.

-Quick Summary: Kathryn Troutman’s Top Tips.

  1. Match the job announcement! And add accomplishments.
  2. Set up saved searches so you don’t miss an important announcement!
  3. Track and follow-up on your applications!

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