CMMC: A strategic perspective

This week on Federal Tech Talk, Stuart Itkin, vice president of Marketing and Product Management at Exostar, joins host John Gilroy to discuss a new approach to...

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Everybody is confused about what will happen in six months during the health care crisis.

Of greater concern to the 300,000 contractors who work with the Defense Department is a new approach to acquisition called the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

Head Shot of Stuart Itkin
Stuart Itkin, VP, Marketing and Product Management, Exostar

Stuart Itkin is the vice president of Marketing and Product Management at Exostar and on this week’s Federal Tech Talk, he gave a nuanced perspective on several aspects of CMMC, including observations on supply chain and how to reduce risk.

Itkin began by reminding the audience that CMMC is here, but NIST SP 800-71 is not going away. They will co-exist for several years. He talked about differences between each initiative.

Itkin also gave his thoughts on the overall roll out plan, and when companies realistically can be expected to be accredited. He gives ideas of the number of contractors and subcontractors who will be impacted.

Cost is always a hot topic – Itkin discussed the many aspects of cost for a contractor.  He talked about costs for small companies including how they can get ready for a CMMC audit, and the tools that are available to help them work with CMMC.

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