AIS: Helping legacy federal systems move to the cloud

Aarish Gokaldas, chief growth officer for Applied Information Sciences (AIS), joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss how Microsoft p...

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Every now and then it is important to stop a moment and take a look at the bigger players in the cloud market.  Aarish Gokaldas is the chief growth officer for one of the most respected Microsoft partners in the area, AIS. You may know them as Applied Information Sciences.

He joined host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss how products from Microsoft can help federal information technology professionals reach their ambitious goals.  Microsoft has so many offerings that you may need a stenographer’s notebook to write them all down.

Aarish Gokaldas, chief growth officer, AIS

During the interview, Gokaldas gave thumbnail sketches of products like PowerAutomate, PowerPlatform, and Microsoft Teams.  He gave great examples of how Microsoft works with the best-of-breed, even when they compete with Microsoft.  The best example of this is AIS knows the inner workings of Microsoft’s Azure Synapse Analytics and can recommend it when it is the right fit.

One of the biggest surprises of AIS is its abilities to work seamlessly with other vendors. Databricks makes a connector to the Azure platform that AIS has deployed when the circumstances were a good fit for the overall objective.

AIS has been serving federal technology for forty years. Microsoft has 400,000 customers.  Put those numbers together and you get a great perspective on assisting legacy federal systems move to the cloud.

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