Digital IT Modernization

IT Modernization became an even higher priority for federal agencies once COVID-19 landed on the United States like a ton of bricks earlier this year. Two people leading the IT Modernization charge in the nation’s capital can both be found at the Office of Management and Budget: Federal CIO Suzette Kent and Deputy Federal CIO Maria Roat.

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Federal agencies are updating their infrastructures with the goal to better support improved operational efficiency, user productivity and digital services deployed to the public.

There were not many people who could have foreseen what America would be like, at home and in the workplace, during the first 100 days of the stay-at-home pandemic. But the work Guy Cavallo initiated at the Small Business Administration now seems prescient.

Government agencies, some more aggressively than others, are looking for ways to modernize their digital practices and make them stick.

We explored the typical federal WAN and the ideal to-be state; benefits of SD-WANs for cybersecurity, analytics, performance and a better employee user experience.