Digital Modernization: Managed Services

Teri-Lee Holland, division head for data center and cloud hosting services, performs engineering work for sailors, including cloud hosting services for payroll and HR systems.

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VA pushing out about 150,000 help desk end users to their homes as the result of the pandemic was a feat which Lynette Sherrill in the Office of Information Technology’s said only a managed service provider could have spanned as quickly as it did.

The document was not only for its employees and other agencies the DIA works with — it was also a message to vendors and other partners on what the needs are and how they can help.

Managed services have come a long way in the 30 years since federal agencies first sought to escape the cycle of buying, maintaining and replacing PCs and the software they ran. Today vendors offer a range of up-to-date programs that lower the capital expenditure, or CapEx, obligations and move them to a recurring fee operational expense, or OpEx model.