Thanksgiving: Are you the turkey?

This is one of those holidays people either cherish or dread. Some don’t like the fact that it is celebrated on Thursday, darn those Pilgrims). Others think it is wrong to to give Massachusetts credit for the family feast when the first such sitdown actually took place earlier, in Virginia.

Some folks dread the holiday which often leads to family fights. Others make it a 4-day event and love every aspect.

For federal workers with extra time off this might be a good time to bone up, no pun intended, on the 30 to 40 health plan choices they have next year. The open season runs through Dec. 9. Picking the best plan for you, and your family, can save you a bundle in premiums. Picking a plan with the best catastrophic coverage can save you from bankruptcy if 2020 is a bad medical year. Either way it pays to shop.

So enjoy the day. If you’re working, those of us who are off say thanks. We may not know what you are doing, or where you are doing it, but we’d almost certainly know the downside if you weren’t on the job.


Whether you are dining in Massachusetts or Virginia, or points in between, have a nice day!

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