4th of July

  • Federal government celebrates Independence Day

    On the 4th of July we celebrate the day the Declaration of Independence became America’s founding document.

  • Where are you spending Independence Day?

    On this national holiday, whether your are participating in a family cookout or at work handling air traffic, have fun and enjoy.

  • 4th of July should unite diversity

    We are more diverse nationally, but the 4th of July brings us together

  • At work or kicking back this July Fourth?

    Wishing federal employees a Happy July Fourth holiday while Mike Causey is on vacation this week.

  • National Archives celebrates Independence Day

    July 4 is the National Archives’ Super Bowl. The home of the original Declaration of Independence goes all out, with events including live readings of the Declaration on the steps of the Archives. Huge crowds of spectators join in, shouting “Huzzah” and “Boo,” prompted at the appropriate moments by NARA employees. Watch the festivities here.

  • Read this on the 4th of July

    It’s still possible for a person alive today to have had a grandparent that might have touched the hand of George Washington.

  • National Archives celebrates 4th with founding fathers

    The National Archives celebrates the Fourth of July with live readings of the Declaration of Independence by founding fathers, music, activities and more.

  • U.S. No ‘want of a monarch’

    The signers admonished King George III. He answered with continued “blows” to decide the question of independence.

  • The day after Independence Day

    Lots of people took the day off – from work and from reading – yesterday. Which is why senior correspondent Mike Causey saved his favorite Independence Day tribute for the day after.

  • National Park Service gears up for Independence Day

    Spokesman Bill Line clearly outlines what you can and can’t do if you plan to go to the Mall on Sunday.