• DoD pushing to resurrect contractor-vs-civilian competitions

    As part of a revived effort to manage contractors, civilians and military personnel as a “total force,” DoD intends to propose a new way to conduct public-private competitions.

  • DoD champions civilian workers, asks for more in new business plan

    The Pentagon says its new approach to civilians is a “significant shift” that will eliminate “arbitrary caps” on how many it employs.

  • E-Gov Fund continues to stand alone, gets boost to $16M

    Senate lawmakers won out over the debate about whether or not to merge the E-Government Fund with the Federal Citizen Services Fund. DHS also receives $166 million for cybersecurity programs in the fiscal 2014 spending bill.

  • Defense bill nudges toward outsourcing

    Several outsourcing-friendly provisions made their way into the Defense authorization bill approved by the House of Representatives last week. The bill would lift a moratorium on public-private competitions via the A-76 process in DoD, and expresses the sense of Congress that DoD should insource only those jobs which are inherently governmental.

  • Bill would reform A-76 outsourcing process

    Sen. Mikulski and Rep. Sarbanes introduce legislation to change the way agencies outsource jobs and determine what are inherently governmental functions.

  • Is DoD ignoring lessons learned from insourcing?

    The Defense Department has been trying to improve efficiencies and cut costs by using both competitions with the private sector and High Performance Organizations (HPOs), a solution based in-house rather than on a public-private competition.

  • GAO sees more bid protests in 2009

    The agency received more complaints last year than in any of the previous eight years. GAO also came to a final decision on more cases in 2009 than the year before. More agencies and vendors also are turning to alternative dispute resolution to solve their differences, GAO finds.

  • Pres. Obama, Peter Orszag

    CHEERS To President Obama who wisely gave the coup de grĂ¢ce to the ill fated A-76 process. The A-76 process, to outsource tasks once only performed by government, had some worthy goals. But, the implementation…

  • Union opposition keyed to A-76 shortcomings

    Administration officials still claim some success