• Getting a tip on TIPSS-4

    Treasury is splitting TIPSS 4 into two separate solicitations.

  • How will the administration meet citizens’ needs?

    Engage, listen, respond, new study says

  • Industry Chatter: Lisa Mascolo of Accenture

    The concept of doing ”even more with even less” is a step beyond ”doing more with less.” Lisa Mascolo of Accenture has some ideas for doing it.

  • Federal News Countdown: strike, union vote and budget constraints

    Today’s guests on the Federal News Countdown: –Stan Soloway, President and CEO, Professional Services Council –Lisa Mascolo, former Managing Director, US Federal Client Service Group—Health & Public Service, Accenture Lisa Mascolo’s stories #3 750,000 in…

  • Accenture head of federal resigns

    Kay Kapoor leaves to “pursue other opportunities” after less than two years at the helm. John Goodman, who leads the company’s defense and intelligence business, takes over on an interim basis.

  • Cutting healthcare costs

    Accenture’s Marcia DeFalco and Rod Benson from Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney, will talk about an upcoming event that focuses on reducing Healthcare IT costs. October 30, 2012

  • Financial management providers ill-equipped to take on large customers

    In our special report, Shared Services Revisited, OMB still must solve long-standing challenges to ensure federal providers are capable of bringing on large, cabinet level agencies. The role of the private sector is leaving some vendors unhappy, but officials say history shows their success rate with financial management system implementation to be poor.

  • Career paths for federal IT professionals

    Accenture’s Tom Greiner and Vanessa Godshalk join host John Gilroy to talk how their company is helping federal IT professionals get on the correct career path. April 28, 2014

  • Report: Federal customer service doesn’t have to stink

    The Partnership for Public Service and Accenture pinpoint why the federal government lags behind even airlines and cable TV providers when it comes to customer service. A lack of collaboration among agencies, security and privacy concerns, and the congressional appropriations process present big but surmountable challenges, the organizations say in a new report.

  • Scott Quehl, Accenture Federal Services, Simon Szykman, Attain

    The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act is closer to passage as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. It will empower Chief Information Officers to make more budget decisions, and be more embedded in the strategic directions of federal agencies. Simon Szykman is Chief Technology Officer of Federal Services at Attain, and former chief information officer of the Commerce Department. Scott Quehl is Senior Principal at Accenture Federal Services, and former chief financial officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration at the Commerce Department. On In Depth with Francis Rose, they said there was no “one moment” the Commerce team decided to work collaboratively in the C-Suite.