Welcome to the age of Cloud 2.0 – and what it can offer your agency

Federal agencies are some dozen years into concerted efforts at cloud computing adoption. Policy has evolved from the initial cloud first to the current…

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Low code is a legacy system modernization that’s quick, cost effective and easy to learn

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/Tero Vesalainencustomer experience

4 ways to improve your customer experience, from agencies already deep in the trenches

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/chombosanAI (artificial intelligence) concept.

Naval Research Lab looks to boost employee retention through AI

What if artificial intelligence could predict when agency employees feel like quitting before they’re out the door? The Naval Research Laboratory is…

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Federal IT thinking catches up to the best in commercial

Federal News Network’s Tom Temin, anchor of the daily Federal Drive with Tom Temin, interviewed John Goodman, chief executive of Accenture Federal, about…

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Tim Kaine, Mark Warner

Senators hope to secure back pay for contractors affected by government shutdown

In today’s Federal Newscast, a group of nearly 40 senators are urging the appropriations committee to include back pay for federal contractors impacted by the last government shutdown, in an upcoming disaster relief package.

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