Adobe's Nancy Newell

‘Seamless’ customer experience starts with understanding the user’s journey  

Adobe’s Nancy Newell says agencies need to catch up with the private sector to deliver a level of customer service that the public expects.

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Rob Cannon Photo/Rob Cannon

Accelerating Government with ACT-IAC – Episode 22 – 2022 ACT-IAC Leadership Awards – Part 2

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The Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

How the new House Digital Services team can make the House of Representatives a leader in digital transformation

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Data-centric Security: Risks and Emerging Threats in Government

Back in 2005 or 2006, an emerging theme became clear when it comes to the government and industry and cybersecurity: It’s all about the data.

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Data security and insider threats

John Landwehr, vice president, public sector CTO at Adobe, joins host John Gilroy to discuss how document management technology and monitoring analytics can help agencies secure their data. October 27, 2015

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