• Connect, personalize and understand to improve the citizen experience

    Greg Reeder, the head of government industry strategy at Adobe, said data analytics holds the key to improve the citizen experience with government.

  • State’s passport services to roll out limited online renewals in 2018

    Passport Services also plans on rolling out push notifications for application renewals, as part of its efforts to reduce the burden on customer service phone lines.

  • Brian Paget: How more agencies can go mobile

    Even after years of talk, only about a third of federal websites are mobile friendly, according to Adobe. Brian Paget, technical director for content and analytics at Adobe, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with more on how agencies can really go mobile.

  • Good federal websites, part 2

    Adobe says only 37 percent of federal websites are mobile friendly.

  • Data-centric Security: Risks and Emerging Threats in Government

    Back in 2005 or 2006, an emerging theme became clear when it comes to the government and industry and cybersecurity: It’s all about the data.

  • Data security and insider threats

    John Landwehr, vice president, public sector CTO at Adobe, joins host John Gilroy to discuss how document management technology and monitoring analytics can help agencies secure their data. October 27, 2015

  • Pentagon, Adobe offer competing options for online collaboration

    The Defense Department will shut off its widely-used Defense Connect Online service in June, and is telling all of its users to transition to a new DISA-provided service before then. But the vendor behind DCO thinks users are hooked, and will continue to provide it for a fee.

  • John Landwehr, Chief Technology Officer for Federal, Adobe

    The federal IT market has always been a lively one for companies willing to take the time and effort to understand it. Adobe has been a federal player for a while. Now it has a new chief technology officer just for its federal business. John Landwehr joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to discuss the government’s progress toward mobile compared to the private sector.

  • DoD enters $40.5M joint contract for Adobe products

    The Pentagon leverages the buying power of 2.6 million DoD personnel in the Air Force, Army and Defense Information Systems Agency in signing joint enterprise license agreement with CDW-G.

  • Adobe Systems’ John Landwehr on why agencies are more open to commercial solutions

    John Landwehr, vice president for digital government solutions for Adobe Systems, joins Industry Chatter with Francis Rose to discuss why agencies are more open to commercial IT solutions.