AI success means starting by asking, What is the problem?

Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology, but it’s not a magic salve you can apply to a process to make it better. If anything, AI – and the…

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Transportation is about to experience a paradigm shift. AI can help federal agencies prepare for it

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How realistic expectations lead to greater success when getting started with AI

With the massive explosion of data being collected, stored, analyzed and put to use in the federal community, the capacity for humans to operate at such…

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Before jumping into AI, make sure your data is ready

When it comes to data, it’s easy for federal managers to get caught up in the hype and put the cart before the horse.

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How AI will help our government

Anthony Robbins, federal vice president at NVIDIA, discusses the leaps and bounds artificial intelligence is making and the ways it can improve both government operation and the private sector.

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