• How AI will help our government

    Anthony Robbins, federal vice president at NVIDIA, discusses the leaps and bounds artificial intelligence is making and the ways it can improve both government operation and the private sector.

  • The future of non-traditional innovation

    Sharon Hays, senior fellow at LMI, discusses the ways that government contractors are pushing tech innovation with the help of the federal government.

  • Helping government leverage AI tools

    Nick Weir, challenge manager for SpaceNet at In-Q-Tel’s CosmiQ Works lab, discusses how his project crowdsources AI solutions for government applications.

  • Interviews with leaders: a conversation with Andrew Hunter and Zach Lemnios on AI in a national security context

    How and in what areas is AI being adopted in the national security space? What is an AI ecosystem? How can government and the military enhance their AI ecosystems?

  • What’s in the ‘black box’ of AI? NIST invites industry to brainstorm standards

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology has just over two months to submit a plan for artificial intelligence technical standards, and a lot needs to be considered.

  • Using AI to learn what ads actually work

    Stephen Buko, founder and CEO at Kerb, discusses his company’s AI-based solution to find out if passerby are actually looking at the outdoor ads that companies spend billions on every year.

  • As federal AI spending nears $1B, 2nd wave of agencies consider use cases

    Buzz about artificial intelligence has led to increased spending and put several Trump administration directives in motion, but only a handful of agencies have gotten into the early stages of AI adoption.

  • Army exploring AI combat possibilities while prioritizing quick COTS adoptions

    The Army isn’t looking to build most of its artificial intelligence technologies from scratch. Instead, it’s looking to tweak existing, commercial off-the-shelf technologies to suit its purposes.

  • AI and automation are not just for the experts

    In this interview with Federal News Network’s Tom Temin, KPMG’s Kirke Everson describes the three levels of RPA maturity and how to achieve them, and he describes use cases for RPA deployed internally and for public services. Hear more on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Month.

  • Conversation with authors: Kevin Desouza

    What are artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing? How is the public sector using AI? What are some of the key challenges and opportunities in the public sector’s use of AI? Join host Michael Keegan for a special edition of The Business of Government Hour – Conversations with Authors with Kevin Desouza, author of the IBM Center report, Delivering Artificial Intelligence in Government: Challenges and Opportunities.