AI/ML are critical to near-peer competition but require support from automated infrastructure

Sensors gather the data on the battlefield. Information systems like AI and machine learning process that data faster, for better decision making. But…

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Transportation is about to experience a paradigm shift. AI can help federal agencies prepare for it

One area that is particularly ripe for AI adoption is the transportation sector.

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(Getty Images/iStockphoto/royyimzy)Artificial intelligence chipset on circuit board in futuristic concept technology artwork for web, banner, card, cover. Vector illustration

How to take AI out of the lab and into production

Federal News Network’s Tom Temin interviewed Elliot to better understand the impediments to taking AI to production levels, and the best practices for…

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Low-code platforms, APIs democratizing intelligent automation

Kirke Everson, a principal and government intelligent automation leader at KPMG, said a lot of agencies are still in the early stages of applying intelligent automation to their business processes.

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