Air Force Research Laboratory

  • Air Force, Carnegie Mellon team up for new research center of excellence

    While it pursues a digital, data-driven approach, the Air Force is still very much concerned with the physical world, including the materials that will be needed for aircraft of the future.

  • Air Force Space Command has new strategy to harness data

    Air Force Space Command is trying to bring its data systems and sets together to benefit its operations.

  • Military unveils plan to help service members with base housing issues

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Army, Navy and Air Force said they’re establishing a “tenant’s bill of rights” to help military members deal with cases of substandard on-base housing.

  • Air Force to spend next year reevaluating its multibillion-dollar S&T portfolio

    A yearlong study will examine the entire Air Force research enterprise, with a particular focus on investing more funds in university-based research.

  • Dr. Richard Linderman, Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, N.Y.

    The Presidential Rank Awards returned this year after a one year hiatus. The awards honor the top 1 percent of senior federal career leaders and the important work federal employees do every day. Among this year’s winners was Dr. Richard Linderman. He is the Chief Scientist of the Information Directorate in the Air Force’s Rome Research Laboratory. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to discuss his achievement.

  • Air Force to reshape ‘cost curve’ via targeted acquisition reforms

    A new series of acquisition changes called “Bending the Cost Curve” aims to make the overall Air Force acquisition process more responsive to technological advances, and reduce the time it takes to buy major weapons systems. The Air Force Research Lab will host a technology challenge program with the largest award in military history.

  • Air Force engineers develop lifesaving, IED-detecting technology

    Sean C. Young and Benjamin J. Tran, two electronics engineers with the Air Force Research Lab created an aerial sensor that has helped U.S. service members to find and destroy dangerous improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Afghanistan.

  • Richard Rast finds cost-effective method to detect space debris

    If only Sandra Bullock’s character in “Gravity” had known Richard Rast, she might’ve avoided a space collision. The Partnership for Public Service named Rast as a 2014 Science and Environment Medal finalist for his innovated work.

  • White House touts success of agency ‘challenges’

    Increasingly, agencies are using a tool at their disposal. Instead of issuing RFP’s, they’re issuing challenges. And according to a new report from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, agencies that have jumped on the challenge bandwagon have begun to “reap the rewards of well-designed prizes integrated into a broader innovation strategy.”