Alan Paller

  • Cybersecurity

    Federal cybersecurity has gotten a lot of press over the past year – and today there’s a big announcement on the top 25 programming errors. Alan Paller is Director of Research at the SANS Institute…

  • New guidelines to close 20 biggest cyber holes

    The guidelines, issued Monday by public and private sector cybersecurity experts, are considered the low-hanging fruit to help agencies improve their network security immediately, says John Gilligan, a former Air Force and Energy Department chief information officer.

  • Top cyber security risks are SANS mitigation

    Your agency might face more cyber security threats than you can count. But you can’t give them all equal priority. No one has enough people or money for that. To help sort out the worst…

  • OMB shifts to real time cybersecurity monitoring

    New White House guidance calls for agencies to submit data feeds to OMB’s Cyberscope tool. Federal CIO Vivek Kundra hopes the information will give agencies a better idea of vulnerabilities and threats to computer networks. Agencies may have to shift money away from traditional reports to upgrade systems to meet new FISMA requirements.

  • Hacked Treasury sites raise questions about cloud

    Alan Paller, director of research for the SANS Institute, brings us analysis.

  • White House cyber meeting refines agenda

    President Barack Obama and several of the administration’s top cybersecurity officials met with key members of the private sector at the White House Wednesday to review progress in national cybersecurity activity in the past year. Alan Paller brings us up to speed.

  • President surprises high level cyber meeting

    Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge winners announced, Northrop takes home the Hoyt Vandenberg Award

  • What makes a great cyber expert

    SANS Institute’s Alan Paller explains the findings of a report on cyber expert hiring.

  • CyberChallenge attracts next cadre of experts

    A new program will target high school students in the government’s search for the next generation of cyber warriors. Lawmakers hope the U.S. Cyber Challenge will help attract and train much needed experts in cybersecurity.

  • Cyber Challenge to recruit next gen of cyber experts

    The U.S. Cyber Challenge will offer programs to encourage high school and college students with a knack for computers, mathematics and science to consider careers in IT security.