Alex Rice

  • Jared Serbu: DoD anti-hacker program uncovers 3,000 bugs

    The Defense Department’s vulnerability disclosure policy lets anyone in the world report security holes they find in the DoD system without fear of prosecution.

  • In DoD first, Air Force launches bug bounty open to foreign hackers

    In this week’s edition of On DoD, Peter Kim, the Air Force’s chief technology officer, Alex Rice, the CTO at HackerOne, and Reina Staley, the chief of staff of the Defense Digital Service join is to talk about the latest of DoD’s bug bounties: Hack the Air Force. We’ll also talk about changes in how the Army buys cloud computing services as part of a broader effort to shut down expensive, government-owned data centers.

  • Army’s first-ever bug bounty finds entry points to sensitive DoD systems

    In November, when Army officials decided to launch the service’s first-ever bug bounty, one of the key questions they wanted to answer was whether sensitive personnel records were vulnerable to theft by hackers via the…