annual leave

  • Agencies should restore annual leave lost due to government shutdown, OPM says

    The Office of Personnel Management on Wednesday clarified that agencies should restore previously-scheduled annual leave lost in 2018 due to the government shutdown.

  • Pay, leave and other questions answered about Wednesday’s government closure

    Federal employees who are typically scheduled for an eight-hour day on Wednesday, Dec. 5 will be excused from work and will get paid for the time off, according to new OPM guidance.

  • Turn the government shutdown into a vacation

    Yesterday Mike Causey asked people to revisit the ghosts of shutdowns past and remember how they handled the financial and emotional strain. Shutdowns can be traumatic financially, but some feds said they turned them into a vacation.

  • Extra annual leave: Ship it south

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks, if somebody at the office had an emergency and needed extra vacation time, would you help if you could?

  • Donated leave, easing of contracting rules latest part of Hurricane Harvey response efforts

    GSA raises contracting thresholds for agencies responding to the disaster.

  • Separating from federal service in mid-career

    James Marshall, federal benefits specialist, discusses leaving your government career when you are not eligible to retire. January 12, 2015

  • When is the best day for you to retire?

    The NITP’s Tammy Flanagan will discuss the best days to retire and Andy Medici with the Federal Times new problems at the VA, and the high cost of workers compensation. October 8, 2014

  • Deadline to schedule ‘use it or lose it’ annual leave is Nov. 30

    Federal employees wanting to schedule “use it or lose it” annual leave only have a few days left before their excess vacation days are forfeited. The deadline to schedule excess annual leave is this Saturday, Nov. 30, Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta reiterated in a Nov. 26 memo to agency chief human capital officers. The leave must be used by Jan. 11, the end of the leave year.

  • OPM: Some furloughs could be offset with annual leave

    Some furloughed federal employees could offset their forced time off with annual leave — but only under certain circumstances, according to updated guidance from the Office of Personnel Management. If an agency cancels the need for planned furlough days after an employee has already taken those days off, he or she is permitted to substitute annual leave to offset the furlough.

  • Why some feds could lose a vacation day in 2012

    Tens of thousands of federal workers stand to lose a day of annual leave this year because of the cursed 11-year itch. To find out how, when and where to scratch it, check out Senior Correspondent Mike Causey’s Federal Report.