Why low-code might be the answer for modernizing government operations

The demand for a digital-first strategy at federal agencies has only increased since 2020. The pandemic kicked off a massive migration to the cloud; all…

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How low-code can help financial regulators adapt to rapidly increasing complexity

In cases of an economic crisis, regulatory and oversight bodies must move just as quickly to respond to stimulus programs and the demands of a volatile market.

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close up programmer man hand typing on keyboard at computer desktop for input coding language to software for fix bug and defect of system in operation room , technology concept

How an Appian low-code center of excellence is helping Deloitte speed up the modernization process

This content is provided by Appian. Deloitte has helped many federal agencies move off their legacy systems and onto modern platforms. In doing so, Deloitte…

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What’s next for intelligent automation and the federal government?

Appian’s Michael Beckley recently joined Federal News Network to discuss both the challenges and opportunities of automation.

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