How low-code and an agile approach helped important Air Force system modernization

This discussion details an approachable, reliable and low-cost way to achieve modernization.

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How an Appian low-code center of excellence is helping Deloitte speed up the modernization process

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What’s next for intelligent automation and the federal government?

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Low code is a legacy system modernization that’s quick, cost effective and easy to learn

Low code is a new take on development that embraces agile, lowers the barrier to entry, and integrates easily with existing systems, allowing agencies…

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How to get great applications without the coding

Learn how low-code technologies and approaches can speed your agency’s journey to modern, world-class applications.

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Head shot of Michael Beckley

The low code revolution

Mike Beckley, founder and CTO of Appian, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss how the company’s low code approach will revolutionize how custom software gets built.

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