Scalability and security with industry-leading Government cloud – Part 1

In the never-ending work of information technology modernization, federal agencies have been working on three tracks when it comes to cloud computing….

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Modernizing defense logistics management using low-code automation

Low-code automation turns application development into an accessible, visual drag-and-drop process, allowing application designers to drag objects onto…

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Getty Images/iStockphoto/NicoElNinoPresentation about automation as an innovation improving productivity, reliability and repeatability in systems or processes

Want to reopen safely? Use automation

The reality is, you can’t just lump your workforce together into one unit and send them back to the office.

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How low-code can help financial regulators adapt to rapidly increasing complexity

In cases of an economic crisis, regulatory and oversight bodies must move just as quickly to respond to stimulus programs and the demands of a volatile market.

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