Arnold Punaro

  • Defense secretary departures leave vacuum, Vacancies Act complications

    Retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Arnold Punaro, chief executive of the Punaro Group, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to sort it out.

  • $40,000 DoD VSIP pay may be here to stay

    The House Armed Services Committee wants to expand the $40,000 Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay for DoD civilians to 2021.

  • Congress finds family life at the root of military personnel issues

    The Senate Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee is preparing its provisions for the 2018 defense authorization bill and this week it heard from some former top DoD officials. Family life seemed to be the bottom line for a lot of military issues. Employees want to be able to move between the civilian and military world, they want quality childcare for their children and they want their spouses to be happy and be able to work where they are stationed.

  • It’s uncertain who will be on the DoD chopping block with new government reforms

    DoD and Congress have been working on trimming the civilian workforce for years. Will the new OMB memo do anything different?

  • Military services chiefs say 2017 CR would be the worst yet

    The top military leaders of each branch say the cumulative effect of years of continuing resolutions is taking its toll. But what makes 2017 so much worse than all the other years?

  • Final NDAA trims civilian and military jobs in DoD

    The Senior Executive Service, National Security Council and more will see staff reductions if the President signs the bill into law.

  • Think tank lays out set of reforms for next Defense secretary

    A new report singles out DoD’s workforce, TRICARE and service contracts as areas of future change.

  • Pentagon staff size takes more flack from experts

    Former Pentagon officials told lawmakers that the Defense Department’s oversized workforce is not only hurting the budget, but also policy decisions.

  • Maj. Gen. Arnold Punaro: Is DoD doing less with more?

    Defense Department spending rises every year, even after sequestration. But the fighting force is shrinking. In effect, DoD is doing less with more. Retired Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Arnold Punaro, head of the Punaro Group, has been saying on Capitol Hill that Congress and the Pentagon need to tackle their built-in costs. The DOD Comptroller recently said the department would get 96 percent of what it asked for in 2017. Federal Drive with Tom Temin asked Punaro if that’s a useful metric.

  • Defense experts school Congress on waste

    The Defense Department is spending more money and getting less out of it, defense analysts told Congress.