• National capital area making one last push for 2016 CFC

    The Combined Federal Campaign is close toward meeting its $47 million goal this year, but national capital area leaders are making one last push for donations in the final days of the CFC.

  • Time to unscrooge yourself!

    The 2016 Combined Federal Campaign ends this month and it’s raised $34 million so far. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says 327,000 Washington-area feds haven’t been heard from yet.

  • Federal retirees can donate to the CFC next year

    Two big changes are coming to the Combined Federal Campaign, the federal workforce’s annual giving campaign, next year. One change lets federal employees volunteer with certain charities and have that time count toward the campaign. The second lets federal retirees submit donations.

  • CFC 2014 broadens number, location of charities feds can donate to

    The Combined Federal Campaign kicked off Sept. 1, with the new universal giving program, which lets employees give money to any of the 24,000 charities nationwide.

  • Why busy women get things done

    Linda Washington, former assistant secretary for Administration at the Department of Transportation, discusses the importance of being inclusive within federal agencies on this week’s Women of Washington radio show.

  • OPM amends CFC rule to streamline donor process, improve transparency

    The Office of Personnel Management published a final rule to amend the of regulations of the Combined Federal Campaign. The changes make it easier for federal employees to contribute to the charities of their choice and increase transparency of the donor process.

  • Marshall Strauss, CEO, Workplace Giving Alliance, CFC

    Sequestration, pay freezes and furloughs appear to have taken a toll on the 2013 Combined Federal Campaign. Figures published by the Office of Personnel Management show Donations fell 19 percent compared to a year earlier. Marshall Strauss, CEO of the Workplace Giving Alliance, was a member of a task force on the CFC.

  • Feds get more time to give, as OPM extends CFC deadline

    OPM Acting Director Elaine Kaplan extends the Combined Federal Campaign one month, to Jan. 15, 2014, giving feds more time to contribute to their favorite charities.

  • Charities bristle at OPM’s proposed changes to CFC program

    The Office of Personnel Management’s proposed changes to the Combined Federal Campaign, the annual federal fundraising drive, are getting a frosty reception from local charities. OPM wants to do away with the local volunteer coordinating committees and put in place a set of more centralized regional committees established by OPM. It also wants to require charities to pay an application fee and eliminate cash and check donations in favor of electronic donations. However, some charities say the proposed changes would likely lead to fewer charities joining the program — and fewer total donations.

  • Federal Drive Interviews — Jan. 15, 2013

    Kal Stein, president and CEO of EarthShare, talks about his company’s new role as the manager of the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capitol Area. Attorney John Mahoney weighs in on a recent ruling by the EEOC. Gen. Charles Wald of Deloitte talks about the ever-changing aerospace markets. Anne-Marie Fennell of GAO discusses Alaska Native Corporations. Ed Moscatelli discusses how the Army has eliminated 8,000 vehicles.